Quick Facts

Middle East/Africa

From the majestic architecture of Dubai to the wilds of Kruger National Park, the opportunities in the Middle East and Africa are as unique as they are limitless. We offer traditional locum opportunities as well as short-term 3-5 day locums assignments doing independent medical exams (IMEs).

Varies (most are similar pay to U.S. assignments; IME’s pay $1,500-2,500/day)

4 months for most assignments; not needed for IMEs

Typically covered


Wide variation, from short term to 2-years


Primarily metropolitan areas

U.A.E., South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco

Middle East/Africa opportunities


  • Cultural immersion

    Opportunities throughout the Middle East and Africa

  • More time for patients

    Fewer administrative hassles

  • Practice in first rate, modern facilities

    Assignments typically in U.S.-owned

Locales, schedules, shifts, and patient loads will vary with each opportunity. Wherever you choose to practice, you’ll add diversity to your CV and help a community in need, all while experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime in countries that are off the beaten path.

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