7 ways hiring a locum tenens physician will benefit your private practice

Physicians are revenue generators. If a physician isn't seeing patients, then your business loses a lot of revenue. But revenue isn't the only reason to use a locum tenens physician when your medical practice is understaffed. Whether the shortage is due to staff turnover, retirement, vacations, family or medical leave, expansion, or seasonal demands, savvy practices build the use of locum tenens physicians into the business plan for many reasons, including to prevent burnout and medical errors.

5 ways to get the most out of your locum tenens billing

Most healthcare providers need to use locum tenens physicians. Many healthcare facilities leave money on the table by not understanding billing for services provided by locum tenens physicians. These five steps will help you bill for the revenue generated by locum tenens physicians and understand how using a locum tenens physician can add enormous value to your healthcare facility.