The 14 best podcasts and blogs for locums doctors

14 best podcasts and blogs for locums physicians

Podcasts are easy to listen to almost anywhere — while commuting, while exercising, or even while doing household chores. The best podcasts are funny, inspiring, and knowledge-filled. With so many podcasts available, as well as so many great blogs, it can be hard to find the most beneficial and enjoyable ones, so we sorted through them for you. Here are some of the best podcasts and blogs specifically for doctors and locum physicians.

Medical care

1. Reach MD
This podcast, available on the website or through mobile apps for iPhone and Android, is a great way to keep up on clinical research and practice techniques. It offers several themed series, including one dedicated to locum tenens with episodes like this one from an international locums insider covering some of his clinical research conducted while on assignment in New Zealand.

Reach MD includes numerous other ongoing series, including Grand Rounds Nation with outstanding talks from top academic centers. Another series is Primary Care Today, with clinical experts highlighting the latest trends in primary care practice.

2. Kevin MD
Founded in 2004 by Kevin Pho, MD, is a great way to keep up with the pulse of the industry as told in blogs by thousands of physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, policy experts, and patients. It covers numerous aspects of the healthcare industry — including policy, meds, tech, and private practice — and is easy to browse on a smartphone.

3. TED Talks Health

Part of the well-known TED Talk series, TED Health covers a wide array of topics in typical TED talks fashion. This podcast will help answer your questions and share ideas that they say you won’t hear anywhere else, all centered around how to live and lead healthier lives.

4. Physician’s Weekly

Written exclusively for healthcare professionals, this blog covers a broad range of industry topics like landmark research, current topics in healthcare, and specialty-specific content. Physician’s Weekly also offers a weekly podcast and Doctor’s Voice, a blog written by and specifically for physicians.

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Physicians’ financial matters

5. White Coat Investor
The White Coat Investor delivers information specifically for physicians to better manage their finances, from how to pay off student loans to how to invest strategically. You can listen to the podcasts on ITunesOvercastAcastStitcher or Google Play. The blog itself provides tons of information about better money management from doctors for doctors.

6. Physician Side Gigs
This blog site explores ways for physicians to make extra income, gain the tax benefits that non-W2 endeavors provide, and help physicians think about ways to make passive income instead of always trading time for dollars. Read blog posts and join the Facebook group to hear how other physicians are making extra income.

7. Passive Income MD
Practicing anesthesiologist Dr. Peter Kim created Passive Income MD to serve as a personal documentation of his journey to find ways to achieve passive income, with the goal to be able to spend more time with loved ones. Get how-tos and ideas, learned from his and others’ failed experiments, and hear from other fellow doctors.

8. Physician Philosopher
The Physician Philosopher blog by an anesthesiologist in academia focuses on helping doctors attain financial independence by focusing on doing the 20 percent right with money and wealth in order to get 80 percent worth of results. The goal: to obtain a life well lived. In addition to how-tos, it includes numerous blog interviews with physicians posted on the site (that you can listen to through your smartphone) who have made smart decisions to build wealth.

9. Physician on FIRE
FIRE stands for: financial independence; retire early. A doctor who built enough wealth by age 39 to retire (but who remains in the medical field out of passion) runs the site. The entire website with all of its blog content, calculators, and other resources all revolve around helping physicians attain financial independence, whether the goal is to retire early to pursue other passions, cut back on work, or to build wealth and use money more strategically.

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The physician lifestyle

10. is for physicians, PAs, and NPs interested in or already involved in locums tenens and provides numerous stories and resources for physicians still deciding if locums fits their career and their life. Get valuable information from blog stories, videos, physician stories, quizzes, PDF downloads, and other resources about everything from what you need to know about taxes as a locum tenens doctor to what it’s like to practice in various places around the world or in the U.S.

11. The Happy Doctor Podcast
This podcast shares ways physicians and medical students are finding happiness, purpose, and inspiration for providing health care. The stories, tips, and knowledge reconnect students and physicians to a love of medicine in a simple, personalized, and practical way — and are easy to listen to while commuting, exercising, or taking a break. Listen through the website, iTunes, or Stitcher.

12. Physician Grind
On the Physician Grind podcast, doctors and other healthcare providers discuss the beautiful, bad, and ugly in medicine — through true, remarkable stories. Each episode focuses on one in-depth story and lasts around five minutes. Listen through the website. The stories are truly entertaining.

13. ZDoggMD podcast

UCSF/Stanford-trained internist Dr. Zubin Damania began publishing videos and live shows as ZDoggMD to address the burnout he was experiencing. ZDogg’s hilarious YouTube parody videos have millions of views, but in his podcast he has conversations with healthcare professionals about topics on things such as COVID personality changes, Omicron-specific boosters, and the future of humanity.

14. Amateur Traveler Podcast

Whether you’re a veteran locum physician or headed on your first assignment, this award-winning podcast is full of tips and suggestions on where to visit and what to check out while you’re there. Hosted by world traveler Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler will teach you how to best explore every location you’re on assignment. Christensen shares tales of his travels, and this podcast will whet your appetite as an explorer!

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