Tired of hearing about physician burnout? Here’s one possible solution: revitalize your medical career with an international locum tenens opportunity.

By now in your medical career you may have read something about the burnout epidemic currently afflicting a lot of physicians. Our guess is you’re probably just as tired of hearing about physician burnout as you are tired of experiencing it yourself. But suffice it to say you’re not unique in your exhaustion. Simply put […]

4 brilliant travel items you didn't know existed

Travel can be hectic. Locum tenens doctors know that. Even if you arrive early to the airport, it can all still seem fast-paced and frenetic. You may be wondering did I pack enough? Did I forget my medication? Will I have a reliable Internet connection where I go? Will I lose my bags at the airport?

The best time to buy airline tickets

Once you've decided where you're going to embark on your international locum tenens assignment, you're faced with a predicament: Where should you vacation nearby when you get there and when should you buy your airline tickets? Of course we'll help you take care of your travel getting there but what about those flights you want to book when you have some time away from the hospital? Here are some tips.