Why you should take your next locum tenens assignment in Australia

Global Medical Staffing talked to doctors to hear about their favorite destinations in Australia. We also asked physicians how taking a locum tenens assignment in Australia benefited their career. The things that they commented on include generous vacation time, lots of travel; the nice people; the unique wildlife and how much less time they spend doing medical records/paperwork, allowing more time to help patients.

Check out these inspiring photos of recent locum tenens assignments — and go on an adventure to Guam, Northern California, and New Zealand

Our locum tenens physicians take assignments in gorgeous parts of the world, in both the U.S. and abroad. Take a break and send your dreams soaring with these recent photos from three physicians. They’re sure to inspire your own locums adventure. Meet Dr. Anita Haugabrook Doc Nita recently moved from a full-time long-term position to […]

International Locum Tenens 101 — A Beginner’s Guide

It’s a tempting idea: Ditch the rat-race for six months (or longer), practice overseas where you can work in the morning and surf or hike in the afternoon‚ — or perhaps the other way around. It’s also quite possible: Thousands of your colleagues are doing it right now. The plusses of such work extend beyond […]

Want to practice medicine in Australia? Three doctors fill us in on work, play, and the locum tenens lifestyle.

There’s no doubt about it… Australia is, in a word, vast. Now, when we say vast” we mean it. No single word in the English language is more appropriate in encapsulating the true essence of Australia. This country contains, in elegant manner, a multitude of cultures, cuisines, dialects, landscapes, oceanscapes and cityscapes all within its […]