Top 5 U.S. states to work locum tenens jobs

Explore the country, contributing your valuable medical skills where they’re most needed — while earning good money. That’s all possible with locum tenens. Right now, we have openings all across the U.S. Some physicians choose to do locum tenens full-time, in order to gain work/life balance, spend time with family, and choose their own hours. […]

Why locum in Colorado? It’s no great mystery.

The Colorado Rocky Mountain high. If you’re into skiing, hiking, biking, birding, hunting, camping‚Äîyou name it‚Äîthere’s no better place to connect with your inner ‘mountain man’ than in this beautiful state. The Rockies (and what lies beyond them) simply offer too much to keep any outdoor fanatic away. The air is thinner here. More than […]

My locum adventures ‘beyond the black stump’

Written by Carville Tolson, MD G’day, y’all! There’s an interesting greeting‚Äîit reminds me of where I am and where I’m from. Anyway, I’ve been here in Australia ‘beyond the black stump’ (far out in the bush) for a month now. It really is a nice place. Not flashy or fancy, mind you, but it’s a real nice […]