7 reasons winter is better in Austin

Winter is almost over and we know what you're thinking while you shovel the latest snow that's dumped on your town: Never again. The good news? There are several regions of the country that aren't subjected to sub-freezing temperatures and torrential snowfall each winterand they might just be the perfect place to spend a few months as a locum tenens physician. One such mild-weathered city is Austin, Texas, where queso flows freely and coat-free winter days are abundant. In case you need more reason to spend your next February in the Lone Star State, check out all the reasons Austin is pretty much the best in the wintertime.

1. You can leave your shovel up north.

Average temperatures in January and February are 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit. In the rare event that snow falls, the ground is usually too warm for it to stick.

2. There's a Bacon and Beer Festival.

This year, the main event was held on January 25 and showcased bacon- and beer-inspired dishes from chefs all over central Texas. Need we say more?

3. Outdoor concerts don't disappear once fall comes around.

Austin is famous for its live music scenea scene that mostly takes place on the numerous outdoor stages.

4. You can bar-hop down 6th Street without looking like the Michelin Man.

6th Street is the street to go out on in Austinyou'll find everything from family friendly pubs to dance clubs filled with young, fresh faces. Best of all, you don't have to don a down coat to take to the downtown streets in this part of the countryall you'll need is a light jacket.

5. The Tex-Mex is world class.

Okay, so this one isn't specific to winter. It is a good reason to choose Austin for you locum tenens adventure, though.

6. It's a biker's dream.

Austin has an exceptionally large population of bikers, thanks predominantly to the gorgeous weather and winding, hilly roads.

7. There's no place like it.

'Keep Austin Weird' is this eclectic city's anthem, but it still manages to remain one of the most family friendly and welcoming towns around. It's a place unfamiliar with the phrase "Polar Vortex," and there are always people hiking, biking, eating and drinking. The live music scene is unparalleled, and the street art makes the word "graffiti" totally obsolete. Can we visit you during your locum tenens assignment?

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