A guide to the top hot springs in scenic Idaho

There's nothing like escaping to some scenic hot springs no matter the weather. You know, that's the great thing about hot springs. You can go in spring, summer, fall or winter and still come out feeling refreshed and relaxed. Personal preference here, go during winter. If you can catch those choice minerals and steam when the snow is falling, you'll most likely come out a changed person. It's truly a serene experience. (And we probably don't have to sell you on the stress-relieving benefits what with you being a physician and all.)

Are you on locum tenens assignment in Idaho? Here are three top hot springs you should visit while you're in the area (in no particular order).

Lava Hot Springs in southeastern Idaho

If you're going to make only one stop in Idaho for a hot springs dip then make Lava the place you visit. There are a number of hot spring locations scattered throughout this adorable little resort town of the same name.

Burgdorf Hot Springs in northwestern Idaho

These hot springs are a bit more remote and rustic. But that's okay. That means you get star-filled skies without all the light pollution while you soak. The springs are open year-round but keep in mind that during winter you can only access the resort by snowmobile.

Kirkham Hot Springs in west central Idaho

Less a resort and more a campground area, Kirkham Hot Springs is for the more adventurous. The springs themselves are undeveloped meaning they still exist as they have for centuries, without amenities. The huge plus? There are natural, steaming waterfalls that you can rest your weary head under after a long day of hiking.

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