Spend a day on Martha's Vineyard: top three places to experience

Martha's Vineyard is a magical place. No doubt about it. If you've never been here it might not be what you expect. There are entire towns and communities here. It's not just some small island, no. It's nearly 88 square miles of pure idyllic bliss.

First known as "Noepe" by the Wampanoag people, the island was later named after English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold's daughter, Martha. Keep in mind, there are no bridges connecting this island to the mainland, it is only accessible by boat or by air so plan accordingly.

If you do find yourself in Massachusetts on locum tenens assignment then be sure to spend – at the very least – a day on Martha's Vineyard. To make sure you experience the best of the best while you're here we've gone ahead and put together a small list of top places for you to experience.

Gay Head Lighthouse

This scenic, little lighthouse has big history. Built back in 1844 it's composed of brilliantly red brick that was built with the clay from the fast-eroding Aquinnah Cliffs. About a year ago or so it was moved back over 100 feet to its current location due to the cliff's erosion. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse that overlooks the island with a small fee. It's worth it.

Aquinnah Cliffs

You won't have to venture far from Gay Head Lighthouse to view these cliffs. In fact, you can stay right where you are perched inside the lighthouse for the most spectacular of views. Even though the cliffs are experiencing rapid erosion you can still the see the colorful clay from on high. Head to the cliffs in the late afternoon for a wonderful sunset spectacle – you won't regret it.

Oak Bluffs

You're going to want to spend a couple hours wandering around Oak Bluffs. If you haven't heard of this community it's the one that's filled with all those endless "gingerbread cottages." Colorful, bold, late-nineteenth-century houses that now serve as summer homes or rentals. Other than strolling through the neighborhoods, take to the beaches nearby and the carnival rides and the fishing piers and the list goes on and on…

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