Top three things to do in Boston this fall

Boston is iconic. It is the spirit of America after all. And so many destinations in the city of Boston showcase the very beginnings of this country. All sorts of cultural and political revolutions were born here over the years. In fact, you'll find them still honored today in monuments, trails and even colonial architecture throughout the city. Take a locum tenens assignment in Massachusetts then head to Boston for an enlightening night (or day) out on the town.

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is the easiest, most eye-opening and informative trail you'll ever take in your life, seriously. It's 2.5 miles of red bricks (or red lines) guiding your way past 16 historical sites right in Boston. Fall isn't a bad time to experience it, either. There are less crowds and the weather isn't nearly as hot. Plus the brilliant autumn lighting and changing leaves along the city pathways are quite the spectacle. Here's a listing of all the sites you'll see if you travel the full route.

Beacon Hill

Often seen on iconic postcards of Boston, Beacon Hill is one of the most ideal places to just go for a walk and experience this great city. You don't even need a specific destination in mind. Simply head to the historic neighborhood pick a direction and admire all the old rowhouses, Victorian, Federal, and Greek Revival architecture, quaint boutiques and fine drinking establishments along the way.

Charles River Esplanade

To end our list we couldn't think of a better place than the Charles River Esplanade. Right now might be the best time to visit, too, simply because it is fall. The leaves are spectacular. The sailboats dotting the horizon are idyllic. And the entire park is enriched with public art. You'll even see people kayaking the river, too. You're welcome to join right along with your own kayak of course. You can find rentals nearby.

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