Welcome to Arizona's all-natural water park: Slide Rock

Proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor: All-natural waterslides. It's true. In Sedona, Arizona, there's a series of all-natural, cold-as-ice waterslides that were all crafted by good ol' erosion. And let's be honest, there are few things more fun than water parks, no matter how old you are.

The slide in Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park is home toyou guessed itSlide Rock, which is made of rocks. That you slide down. There's something to be said about descriptive names. The rock is an extensive expanse of slippery rocks covered in moving water, which have been carved into natural chutes over time. Countless visitors make the trek to this park (seven miles north of Sedona) each summer just to try it out for themselves.

Speaking of sliding, the rocks in this park are pretty slick, especially those that are submerged in water. When walking in shallow areas, you'll want to be careful and walk slowly so you don't fall.

A water park and so much more

Unlike a man-made water park, you're definitely going to want to bring along water shoesthe rocks can be a little jagged when you're walking through pools! You'll also need to walk about a quarter of a mile after entering the park to reach the slides themselves.

If waterslides aren't your thing, there are also hiking trails, big open fields and rocks to jump off. It's a water park. It's a state park. It's pretty much amazing. Note: Slide Rock only accepts cash, so make sure you find an ATM prior to your visit! This U.S. opportunity is one you can't miss during your locum tenens assignment in Arizona—trust us. 

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