Locum tenens in Hawaii: A passion for medicine meets an adventure of a lifetime


Family medicine physician Dr. T recently took her first locums assignment to Hawaii, and she is thrilled with how the adventure has enriched her life. She chose locums in order to travel and to experience different cultures — and Hawaii, a melting pot of culture, is the perfect place for both.

Discovering the island lifestyle

Hawaii is full of diversity and culture,” Dr. T shared during a recent takeover of Global Medical Staffing’s Instagram feed. “The food, the music, and the different languages make this island a charming melting pot.”

“It was a natural transition to get into locums,” Dr. T adds. “Hawaii is my first and only locums so far. Way to start off big, right!?”

Dr. T and nurse

Dr. T is enjoying Hawaii so much that she decided to extend her assignment. “Working in Hawaii has been amazing,” she says. “Not just because the scenery is beautiful, but I’ve been able to work with some of the most intelligent, efficient individuals I’ve ever met. For instance, my nurse Christina is so bright and so dedicated and always motivated to learn. She cares about my patients as I do; she goes the extra mile for them. She is one of the reasons I extended my assignment.”

A passion for medicine is what drives Dr. T. She chose medicine as a career because she wanted to help people. “Growing up, I saw these super heroes in white coats taking care of sick, frail people, and I wanted to be a part of that. In high school, when my Grandmother Katherine fell ill, my motivation to go into medicine increased.”

In Hawaii, she says that she has met some incredible patients. “Some of my older patients carry the spirit of my grandmother, even leaving me hugs of gratitude from time to time,” she says gratefully.

Travel and culture on the island

Locums has created new opportunities for Dr. T and her husband, who typically stayed closer to the U.S. East Coast and the Caribbean. “Locums has opened the door to opportunities ‘out west,'” she says.

Hawaiian Beach

While in Hawaii, Dr. T and her husband have explored all over the island where she’s working. Adventures have included: a beach of black sand (yes, black sand!), waterfalls, beaches with sea turtles and other wildlife, Hawaiian cultural events, farmer’s markets, and more. They also enjoy a monthly potluck at their church and finding and sampling various authentic Hawaiian restaurants from time to time. Next up: some island hopping.

Shoes on beach

Part of what has made this all possible is that Dr. T’s husband works remotely, allowing him to join her for months-long assignments.

An additional benefit of locums for the couple has been that without housing expenses, they have been able to save money and refocus on paying student loans. For locum doctors, Global Medical Staffing pays for travel to and from the assignment, housing on the island, transportation on the island, and malpractice insurance. (Check out the housing we secured for Dr. T during her assignment.)


Dr. T’s advice for other physicians considering locums is to go for it and not delay.

“Even if it is for a short assignment, it is worth the experience. It will be like nothing you’ve experienced before. If you do decide to go for it, go with Global! I always refer others to GMS.”

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