What countries hire locum tenens physicians?

Locum tenens in the UK

The ever-growing international locums market provides numerous opportunities for professional growth — and, of course, adventure. These days, we offer a whole mix of options in terms of pay, assignment duration, healthcare setting, and location. We continue to focus on the core assignment locations that we’ve specialized in for 25-plus years (like Australia and New Zealand), but we’re also always adding unique new opportunities for doctors too, including some super short-term, fly-in/fly-out placements. Here’s a roundup of some of the countries that are looking to hire locums physicians.


We’ve been placing in Australia for over 25 years and know the healthcare landscape there well. These assignments are typically longer term in rural areas and smaller cities that need physicians, like the gorgeous island of Tasmania.

The pay is typically lower than what physicians earn in the U.S., but the assignment — which can be anywhere from three to 18 months — includes generous PTO (4 – 6 weeks), housing, travel expenses, and transportation. Some facilities in Australia cover airfare for the physician’s spouse. Visas are required, but Global can help physicians through the rigorous licensing and credentialing process and assist in securing visas for their families.

The staff in Australian healthcare facilities tend to be really close knit and provide a lot of support to each other. Some rural areas give doctors the opportunity to flex different clinical muscles, since there tends to be little 24/7 support.

Locum tenens in the Caribbean


UPMC, a large, U.S.-based, high-tech health system — whose patients and staff are bilingual — is in need of medical expertise and leadership and seeking direct placements of U.S.-trained physicians. Pay for assignments in China is comparable to U.S. physician rates and offer many additional amenities. These are considered direct placements and are typically two-year contracts, with a housing allowance built in.


Global Medical works with hospitals and smaller clinics in Ireland, and assignments here are considered permanent placements or direct placements and are usually two-year contracts. Schedules typically vary. There is occasionally a housing allowance built into these contracts. Pay is typically comparable to what physicians earn in the U.S.

Assignments in Ireland are a fantastic opportunity to visit the U.K. and Europe.

New Zealand

Like Australia, we’ve been placing in New Zealand for over 25 years. These assignments range from three to 18 months, three to five days a week, in both urban and rural areas, with everything from large hospital systems to small clinics all over the country. The pay is lower than what physicians earn in the U.S., but the assignment includes generous PTO (4 – 6 weeks). The staff in New Zealand facilities tend to be very close-knit and provide a lot of support and work closely with each other. The nursing staff are very clinically involved and are used differently than nurses in the U.S. Some rural areas require doctors wear a lot of hats because of the lack of 24/7 local support.

Global Medical staffing helps physicians through the licensing and credentialing process and assists in securing their visas for them and their families. Round-trip airfare for the physician on assignment — and occasionally their spouse’s — is provided, and Global Medical always provides housing and rental car in New Zealand.

Physicians choose New Zealand for the slower pace of life, the adventure, the beauty of the island nation, and the travel opportunities.

Locum tenens in Guam


Guam follows the U.S. healthcare model, so the quality of care and way practices operate are often similar to U.S. rural areas, making it easy for physicians to adjust. Assignments here are as short as three months and pay is comparable — sometimes slightly lower — than what physicians earn in the U.S., depending on specialty. But there are no exchange rates to consider.

Schedules vary by specialty, and locums physicians will find the staff at Guam’s healthcare facilities very friendly, supportive, and collaborative. The typical locums assignment in Guam ranges from three to six months. Global Medical works with the two major hospitals and smaller urgent care clinics on the island and at any given time we have multiple physicians working at these hospitals.

Global Medical covers round-trip airfare and the first two weeks of housing. Clients may cover the cost of housing for the duration of the locums assignment. A visa isn’t required for U.S. citizens.

These assignments are a perfect launching off point for exploring Asia.


Depending on the specialty, Global Medical staffs in the hospital and small clinic as well as rural facilities on the smaller islands surrounding the main island of Saipan, about 130 miles from Guam. Pay is comparable but sometimes slightly lower than what physicians are paid in the U.S. Round-trip airfare for the physician, housing, and transportation are always provided for physicians on locums assignments in Saipan. No visa is required for U.S. citizens.

The assignment schedules vary by specialty, and assignments range from three to six months long.  Physicians will find the staff at the facilities in Saipan very friendly and supportive, but there’s more direct support on the main island of Saipan than on the remote and less populated islands nearby.

Saipan is only a three-hour flight to Japan, so this could be your opportunity to explore Asia and beyond!

U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix and St. Thomas)

Global Medical works with two hospitals on this island and our U.S. Virgin Islands assignments are typically only seven to 14 days long. These assignments do not involve visas or having to get to know a different healthcare system. Staff at these hospitals are very supportive and are used as backup to our locums physicians. Pay in the U.S. Virgin islands is comparable or sometimes lower then what physicians earn in the U.S.

Travel to these islands is simpler since no visa is required for U.S. citizens. Global Medical covers round-trip airfare, housing, and car for physicians on assignment in the USVI. Physicians often go for a short jaunt and use it as a toehold into the locums lifestyle, or as a break from their regular rigorous working life. What’s not to love about the pink coral sand of the Bahamas and getting to swim or scuba dive before your work shift?

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